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El Cajon Wesleyan Preschool (ECWP) is a Christ-centered school which operates under the leadership of El Cajon Wesleyan Church (ECWC) as an extension ministry. It is our sincere desire to provide a constructive, meaningful program for young children under the guidance of trained personnel in a loving, Christian environment designed to promote emotional, social, physical, intellectual and spiritual growth in each child. It is also our desire to partner with parents in the raising of their children by offering parents resources, encouragement, guidance and prayer as needed.

Our Beliefs About Children

El Cajon Wesleyan Preschool is based upon these beliefs about children: 

  1. Children learn best where spiritual attitudes are encouraged. Our number one goal is to introduce each child to the love of Jesus Christ. 

  2. Children learn best in a positive atmosphere designed to foster a sense of self-esteem and confidence through trusting adult/student relationships, and to provide a varied social environment. 

  3. Children learn best in an environment designed to integrate their six selves: spiritual, social, physical, emotional, cognitive, and creative. 

  4. Children learn best when provided with activities designed to:  

  • be child centered

  • be action oriented

  • be hands-on, concrete experiences

  • promote understanding and respect for the child's cultural heritage provide chances to promote autonomy and initiative  

  • develop self-help skills

  • develop self-esteem

Licensing and Logistics

We are licensed through the state of California's Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division, under the laws and regulations of Title 22. These pertain to the number of children enrolled in the center, staff to children ratios, supervision and discipline of children, as well as many other areas. Staff are encouraged to become familiar with all aspects of Title 22 as it pertains to their job. 

The Preschool Director, Senior & Executive Pastor, and Board of Directors of ECW Church designate and oversee the staff and the operation of the preschool. 

ECW Preschool is a non-profit school supported entirely by tuition and licensed by the State of California and operates on a non-discriminatory basis, giving equal treatment to all children, regardless of race or religion.

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