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Infant Care

Daily Routines and Communication

Our infant program is the only room at El Cajon Wesleyan Preschool that doesn’t follow a schedule. Infants are unique and each one has their own individual needs and have their own schedule when it comes to playing, sleeping and eating. Parents communicate with our staff to implement a schedule that is best for their infant. We have a daily communication sheet that the teacher will use to document sleeping, eating, diapering or any other observations. Parents will receive a copy of this when they pick up their infant.


Learning Domains

Daily interaction with your infant is a mainstay in our infant room. In the infant room we work on fostering all 5 learning domains: social-emotional, physical, cognitive, communication, and adaptive. 

Faith-Driven and Family-Centric Atmosphere

We thrive ourselves on being a faith driven small preschool but alongside that fostering a safe atmosphere with a family feel as well. We work closely with our families to achieve the highest quality care possibly.

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